Multimedia & VR Studio

Based in Paris France we are dedicated to the realisation of your innovative communication tools since 2009

  • FeelGood
  • LookSharp
  • Dreamhigh
  • PlayHard
    • Motion design, 3D animation and special effects (FX)
    • 3D modeling and design of forms or spaces
    • Art direction and illustration
    • Concept creation and Story-telling
    • Development:
      • 3D real-time applications
      • Interfaces Steering Radar Touch, Kinect & Leap Motion
      • Mobile/Tablet IOS & Android Apps
    • Unser interface design (UI), usability and user experience (UX)
    • Shoot Full HD, 3D Relief, 4K and green background
    • Creating websites and digital communication tools
    • Music composition, sound effects and capture studio