Please find below the usage recommandations of the ARMANI LIGHTPAINTING Touchscreen application.

Technical questions


The screen must to be Full H.D 1920 x 1080 px.
All of the recent multitouch touchscreens can be used to run the application.
For the R.I in Paris we used a 75 inches with an infrared frame touchscren.
There is no minimum or maximum size limit.

Operating system

The application can be used only with windows (from windows 7 to windows 10) in 32 or 64 bits.
There is no IOS or ANDROID version.


We recommand the use of DNP Photo printers ( ) for the image quality, simplicity of use and price per picture.
The picture format should be of 10 x 15 cm.

Booth Design and intégration

Please contact Nawel Bensadok ( ) for this king of matters.

Software installation

Please follows the steps of this documentation :






Country/screens links


Each screen must have his own installation programm (in order to create seperate clients database).
For each screen application, please send a request to we’ll create he app and send it within 4 hours. Our working hours are from 10am to 10pm Paris time and from monday to friday.

Please follow this link to find your country / screen unique application :

We already uploaded :

Bih1 / China1 / Croatia1 / Dubai1 / Germany1  / Hong-kong1 / Korea1 / Romania1 / Russia1 / Serbia1 /Southafrica1

Technical issues

If you find technical issues please make sure that :

  • All the files are in their proper place
  • The computer has web access
  • The porinter is defined as “per default”

If issues aren’t fixed after that, please install TEAM VIEWER ( ) and ask us for an appointment (our working hours are from 10am to 10pm Paris time and from monday to friday).
We’ll then be able to make distance check of the computer.